10 sings that elopement is the right choice for you | Scotland elopement photographer

      As Scotland elopement photographer, I love helping couples explore their choices when planning their wedding.

      Elopement is a step away from a traditional wedding. And as a Scotland elopement photographer I’m aware that wedding traditions might create a sense of belonging, comfort and togetherness. 

      However, at the same time being faithful to tradition is not the right choice for everyone. Especially in the world of wedding planning where more and more engaged couples decide that a lot of traditional and outdated elements of the wedding are not something that feels right for them. 


      In this article, I’m going to help you explore the reasons why eloping and stepping away from a traditional might be the right choice for you.


      But before I begin, I’d like to stress that I love big weddings as much as micro-weddings and elopements. So by no means my intention is to discourage people from throwing big weddings. My only intention is to make sure that regardless of what type of wedding is your dream one, you choose the best option for you.


      Fairy Glen elopement in Isle of Skye - Isle of Skye elopement photographerFairy Glen elopement in Isle of Skye - Isle of Skye elopement photographer


      Sings that eloping is the right choice for you – Scotland elopement photographer

      More and more couples choose to elope in Scotland, surrounded by wildly beautiful landscapes in the great outdoors. As a result, their wedding day becomes a big, romantic adventure. 

      As Scotland elopement photographer who helps couples plan their dream elopement in Scotland, I like to remind my clients that elopement can include both elements of tradition and modern approach. 

      So, let’s explore the signs that elopement, and not a traditional wedding, is the right choice for you!


      1. Being the centre of attention the entire day is your biggest nightmare / you’re an introvert

      Firstly, this is the point that I relate to on a personal level. I would definitely consider myself more on an extroverted side but being a centre of attention for an entire day sounds like a lot. Even for me!

      Being surrounded by a hundred people during your own wedding, watching your every word and move for the entire wedding day can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

      For instance, some introverted couples might not feel confident enough to share intimate vows in front of a big crowd, or even a big kiss.


      Glen Etive elopement Scotland - Glencoe elopement photographerGlen Etive elopement Scotland - Glencoe elopement photographer


      2. You want to focus on the two of you

      Elopements guarantee a complete freedom of choice.

      To start with, did you know that here in Scotland you can get married wherever you want? Whether it’s the city hall or the top of the mountain, you can say I do in your dream location. 

      Additionally, you can exchange vows that otherwise could have been too intimate to share in front of a crowd of people. 

      What is more, as much as a traditional big wedding involves spending a lot of time with your family and wedding guests, during an elopement you can prioritise your time together. And cherish your bond and connection. So this part definitely becomes a priority during an elopement. 

      Also, you are free to plan your elopement day however you want. For example you can start with relaxing time in the morning, then the first look, then go to a perfect elopement ceremony spot. And then wrap up  the day with dinner at a restaurant with delicious food in a romantic setting.

      It’s only about the two of you, no one else!


      Edinburgh elopement wedding - Edinburgh small wedding photographerEdinburgh elopement wedding - Edinburgh small wedding photographer


      3. You hate the idea of spending all your savings on a massive wedding

      According to the recent data, an average UK wedding costs around £35k. Which for many people equals to an amount needed for a house deposit and hugely exceeds the average annual UK salary which according to the 2021 data, it was equal to around £26k. 

      Most importantly, big weddings are expensive. And the more guests you are planning to invite, the higher the cost. 

      In conclusion, elopements are cheaper than traditional weddings. And definitely allow you to prioritise things that you care about the most. Whether it’s your dream Scotland elopement photographer, florist or accommodation which has always been your dream place to stay in Scotland.


      Intimate elopement wedding at Edinburgh City Chambers, Edinburgh


      4. First thing that comes to your mind when thinking big wedding is STRESS – you want to avoid potential drama

      Unfortunately big weddings often involve a lot of pressure. 

      Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect so couples often end up worrying a lot beforehand. Is it going to rain? Are the wedding guests enjoying themselves? Is the food as good as we expected it to be? Are we falling behind the schedule? 

      Unfortunately, big weddings often become a source of stress. And they often become more about satisfying everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. Whereas the elopement is JUST about you, your wants and needs.

      So a lot of people decide that elopement is a better choice for them than a big wedding. Whether it’s because of a complicated family affairs and complicated family politics, or to simply avoid potential drama, 

      Also, elopements also involve much less planning. And it is definitely possible to plan your dream elopement in Scotland only a couple of weeks or months in advance if necessary!

      In addition, what I often find to be the case at big weddings, is that couples often decide not to prioritise their couple photos on the day. Why? Either because they don’t want to disappear from the wedding party and leave their wedding guests alone. Or they prefer their photographs taken during downtime and not necessary during the time of the day that guarantees the most magical light. It is very unfortunate. Personally, as Scotland wedding photographer, I believe the couple wedding photos should be one of the priorities of the day. Especially since the couple photoshoot allows you to spend a little bit of time together. Without being surrounded by anyone else. Moreover, the couple photos on your wedding day will be a memory to cherish for the rest of your life! In contrast to traditional weddings, eloping allows you to have a a big number and variety of photos from your wedding day. You can travel to a number of locations you love. And plan your photoshoot at the time of the day that guarantees the most magical light depending on the weather.

      To sum up, if you feel like organising a big wedding can generate more stress than joy… then eloping in Scotland could be the right choice for you!


      Elopement in Glencoe, Scotland - Glencoe wedding photographerElopement in Glencoe, Scotland - Glencoe wedding photographer


      5. Big wedding equals compromise – on the location, your dream wedding suppliers, wedding dress etc.

      As for most people wedding planning involves a strict budget than you cannot exceed, sometimes you end up having to make a difficult decision. 

      Such as: do I want my dream florist or a my dream Scotland elopement photographer? Which do I choose?

      Do I want to book my dream venue or invite 20 more guests? I always wanted to get married at a castle in the Scottish highlands but it exceeds my wedding budget!

      If not all of your dream wedding suppliers fit into your wedding budget, it could leave you with an unpleasant feeling of disappointment. 

      Eloping allows you to massively cut your budget that would otherwise be impossible when throwing a big wedding. It allows you to prioritise things that you care about the most. Whether it’s your dream wedding dress or saving money for a long honeymoon around Europe instead. 

      It is estimated that an average elopement in Scotland costs 6 times less than an average wedding. So it is much less likely that your dream elopement will require you to compromise on all your dream elements of the wedding!


      Intimate elopement wedding at Edinburgh City Chambers, EdinburghIntimate elopement wedding at Edinburgh City Chambers, Edinburgh


      6. You love the idea of freedom and romance that elopement guarantees – you want something meaningful

      Although it is not always the case, elopements are often seen as much more meaningful than big, traditional weddings.

      And it’s definitely a much more intimate celebration. This is the case without a doubt. 

      Elopements guarantee a sense or privacy, intimacy and adventure.


      7. You can’t be bothered with 1/2-year wedding planning process that big wedding requires

      When planning a big wedding, it is often impossible to plan every detail in a couple of months. Couples who plan a big wedding celebration book me as their Scotland wedding photographer sometimes even 2 years in advance!

      Since Covid creates a big backlog of weddings, booking your dream wedding venue for a big wedding can be a challenge. And might require putting in a retainer even 2 years in advance.

      I have recently started receiving inquiries for 2024 weddings from couples who are planning a big celebration and 2024 is the earliest they could book their wedding venue for!

      In comparison, elopement planning could require only 10% of the time that planning process required for a bigger wedding. 

      Also, remember that you can always hire a Scotland  elopement planner if you find the planning process overwhelming! And if you simply need guidance regarding the best elopement suppliers for your big day?

      I will be more than happy to provide you with recommendations to make your elopement unique and special.


      Intimate elopement wedding at Edinburgh City Chambers, EdinburghIntimate elopement wedding at Edinburgh City Chambers, Edinburgh


      8. You’d rather spend your money on something else

      One of the reasons why a lot of couples lean towards eloping is of course the cost of a wedding which I had already discussed in one of the points above.

      It is definitely not surprising that couples might want to spend their money on something else. Whether it’s their honeymoon, deposit for a house or a month-long travel around their dream travel destinations. 


      Old Town wedding photos Edinburgh


      9. You want magical photos from your wedding day

      Do you know that Scotland is one of the very few places in the world that allow you to legally get married anywhere outdoors? 

      Firstly, outdoor weddings always guarantee the most stunning elopement photos. Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful, and being surrounded by the great outdoors when committing to a life together will allow your Scotland elopement photographer to create the most epic elopement images for you.

      Secondly, taking a step back from a traditional wedding allows you to prioritise costs. And spend more on the things that are more meaningful. For instance, you can book a beautiful wedding suit in a  stylish hotel that will allow your elopement photographer to create stunning bridal preparation images for you prior to the ceremony. 

      Scotland guarantees an abundance of stunning locations to elope.

      When it comes to my favourite elopement locations, my top 3 would definitely be Isle of Skye, Glencoe and Cairngorms National Park. All 3 of the listed elopement locations guarantee stunning, dramatic and unique landscapes that you would not be able to see anywhere else in the world. 

      To sum up, since you can elope in any place you want here in Scotland, the opportunities are endless (and fantastic!). 


      Dean Village wedding photos EdinburghDean Village wedding photos Edinburgh


      10. You love an adventure – and elopement is an adventure

      Is there anything better than starting a new exciting chapter in your life with an epic adventure?

      Your beautiful elopement photos will continue to remind you how amazing and unique your wedding day was. 

      Eloping is an adventure that you the freedom to plan a dream wedding which is fully aligned with your needs, values and expectations.


      What if I still have doubts about eloping? 

      What is the most common thought that puts doubts in people’s minds about eloping? It’s that your families and friends will not be able to witness you get married.

      So what is most important, eloping definitely does not equal excluding your loved ones from your day. Most Scotland elopement photographers will share a sneak peek from your elopement day with you within 48 hours of your day, which you’ll be able to share with your closest ones as soon as you want. 

      Moreover, a lot of people choose to bring their witnesses with them! Eloping in the modern sense doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be just the two of you. On the contrary – modern elopement should be whatever you want it to be. And if you’d like to turn your elopement into a micro-wedding, because it feels like a better option for you, then why not? 

      Micro-weddings are still incredibly intimate. And don’t require as much funds and don’t generate as much stress either.

      Additionally, if you choose to hire a videographer to capture the story of your day, you will also be able to share these moments with your families and friends as well. By sharing the video with them you allow them to be a witness of these moments. 


      I’ll explore micro-weddings in Scotland and common myths about eloping in another article, so stay tuned!


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