The weather for a portrait photo session was amazing – sunny and warm. We were so so lucky. It was a great day for a portrait photo session and Agnieszka was such an amazing model!

      Also, Arthur’s Seat is a fantastic location for an Edinburgh portrait photographer.

      Agnieszka is in fact Italian which came as a surprise because she has a Polish name! So when she sent me a message I wrote back to her in Polish but it turned out she doesn’t speak Polish at all. She told me not to worry as people do that all the time :) Therefore we switched to English and had a really lovely time taking pictures of her at one of the most beautiful places – Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

      She is super photogenic and a really great company – it was cool to find out how many interesting things we could talk about. She’s from Sardegna in Italy, has a Polish family and lives in Edinburgh with her Italian friends. I love Italian culture and I speak Italian (I studied Italian at the uni) so we exchanged opinions regarding spaghetti carbonara made with cream (what a disgrace to use cream instead of egg yolks!) and how funny the word ‘sausage dog’ is. Italians call sausage dog bassotto :)

      Arthur’s Seat portrait session – Edinburgh portrait photographer

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      Edinburgh portrait photographer

      Edinburgh is magical all year round – but especially now, in August, is one of a kind. Rowan berry, heather starting to bloom. That’s why I love Edinburgh so much – the nature and the variety. Perfect place for portrait, engagement or wedding sessions.

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      Edinburgh wedding photographer

      Arthur’s Seat,  the main peak of the group of hills in Edinburgh, which form most of  Holyrood Park, provides breathtaking panoramic views of the historic city. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this place. It is a perfect location for elopements and wedding or portrait sessions.

      If you are searching for incredible views the photographs from the top of Arthur’s Seat won’t let you down.


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