I have decided to share what are in my opinion the best portraits I took in 2017.

      Indoor, outdoor, styled and natural portraits. All of them have a special value to me. Some of the portraits I took were not planned and were a moment of ‘let me grab my camera and take a picture of you’ kind.

      So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your upcoming photoshoot or are interested in a photography session yourself, take a look at my 2017 best of.


      Edinburgh portrait photographer – best 2017 portraits


      Edinburgh best portrait photographers

      This portrait wasn’t planned – I wanted to take a picture of my cousin before our Christmas dinner so I grabbed the camera, asked her to stand where the red wallpaper would appear in the background and pressed the shutter button. I love the elegant Christmas vibe of this photograph and how awesome Ula’s style is.



      Edinburgh portrait photography session

      I love neon lights portraits. I take them quite rarely though, as my style is mostly concentrated on having my models close to nature with lots of greens. Yesss, green is my favourite colour.

      This one was taken at the Neon Museum in Warsaw and thanks to my great model Joanna this portrait turned out cinematic and mystical.



      Edinburgh portrait photo session

      This photograph of Agata was taken in Krakow city centre.

      I love to try new things and combine portraits and urban locations. The model looks brilliant surrounded by brown brown, neutral colours.



      Edinburgh portrait photo session

      Marta’s blond hair’s amazing and makes a lot of people jealous (including me). This portrait was taken in Lazienki Park.



      Milkbath portrait photography Edinburgh

      The photoshoot with Linda was the first milk bath photography session in my career. Couple of litres of milk in the bathtub, a few bunches of beautiful flowers, amazing model. Sensual milk bath photoshoot = photo session + spa treatment, all in one.

      Linda was super professional and I’d definitely recommend her as a model.



      Arthurs Seat photography session Edinburgh

      I loved working with Agnieszka on our morning photoshoot at Arthut’s Seat. The weather was perfect, heather was starting to bloom and she was (and still is) an awesome model. If you’re looking for a talented model to shoot with in Edinburgh, she should be your number one.



      Scotland portrait photographer

      My favourite Leeds session with Kasia in Ilkey Moor, West Yorkshire.



      UK portrait photographer

      Marie-Jean Taylor is an awesome model based in Leeds.

      Super professional, experienced, creative and always open to new ideas. I had the pleasure to work with her on a few photography sessions and they always turned out great.

      The image above is from our Otley Chevin session in the woods, where we used smoke bombs and beutiful outfits from a designed Katherine Davidson.

      If you want to work with Marie make sure you book her quickly, she has a lot of amazing plans for 2018. You can find her here.



      Edinburgh portrait photography sessions

      ‘Forbidden apple’ portrait taken in the countryside in the summer.

      How cool is this lady with her poisonous apple? 🙂


      The most important portrait of 2017

      Portrait photography

      Goodbye grandpa.


      Edinburgh portrait photographer

      Why is exactly portrait photography awesome? Portraits truly reflect the essence of yourself, your family, yourself and your significant other and are a great memory.

      Also, portrait photography is a great way to be creative, explore creative ideas. And it’s also an awesome thing when you simply want to do something for yourself. Look cool, feel great and show that to the world.


      Goodbye 2017, welcome 2018

      I am so grateful to have been able to work with some many creatives, photographers, models and meet so many people in 2017 thanks to my passion & business. Thanks to everyone I had the chance to collaborate with!

      I am now super hopeful about the 2018. Also, I am definitely looking forward to working with all the amazing people whose weddings I will photograph and whose portraits I am going to take. If you’d like to work with me, if you’re looking for an Edinburgh portrait or wedding photographer please get in touch via the contact form.

      Too see more of my work visit my blog & my portfolio page.


      All the best guys and a Happy New Year!