I’m Natalia, an elopement photographer from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye. I use photography as an art form — reflecting honest connections and unique moments that channel the mystery of Scotland.

Ultimately, I’m all about taking photographs that remain true to this landscape’s charm, while focusing on what makes your story unlike anything else. And honestly, I can’t think of a better duo (except maybe chips — or as you might call them, french fries — and mayonnaise).

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Elopement Photographer in Edinburgh

I’m Natalia, Lover Of Moody Weather & A Scot At Heart

I’ve called Scotland home for the last five years, and I’ve soaked up every little detail since the first time I stepped foot on these grounds. Only a few days after arriving, it felt like I was where I belonged, walking on ancient cobblestone streets and wishing the rain would never stop.

So if you feel a natural pull towards this country’s mystifying beauty, you’re not on the wrong track. This landscape has an ability to make you feel really present with yourself, and with those around you.

Here, it’s like this magical surrounding just makes any great story sparkle even more (you’ll know exactly what I  mean when you get here).

Becoming An Elopement Photographer in Edinburgh

The Entire Timeline

My story starts where I was born — the Masurian Lake District in Poland — a place very close to my heart. After graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in Italian studies (definitely obligates me to brew coffee the Italian way) and a master’s degree in international relations, I went on to spend almost a decade in the corporate world.

But with little room for creativity, it wasn’t where I belonged (not even for a second, to be honest). So I ran towards photography and Scotland for all of her wide open spaces (hello breathing room and waterfalls of inspiration). She accepted me with open arms. Over 50 elopements later, and you’ll often catch me swapping ideas with couples and laying out the logistics for an upcoming elopement.

On a micro level, my days start in Edinburgh (where I’ve put down my roots). I’m a night owl by nature, but I will prioritise brunch with friends. The first thing on my mind every morning is breakfast, followed quickly by coffee. You’ll often find me going for a swim before editing photos for the day. I thrive near water in all its forms — mist, rain, lochs, oceans and pools — so I need to get my daily dose.

I hope you’ve seen New Girl, Stranger Things or Harry Potter because I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them.

Oh and let’s not forget Outlander! The last stop on this fun fact train is the note that I also collect salt and pepper containers from every destination I visit.

The photoshoot that convinced me to pursue photography

My Most Important Capture

A few years ago, while on holiday to visit my grandparents in Poland, I successfully convinced them to pose together for a mini photoshoot (which was no easy task).

All of the love and memories they had shared over their 53 years together shined so brightly from just a 5-minute photoshoot. My grandpa passed away only 6 weeks after we captured these photos. I was devastated.

With that, came a deep-seated realisation that time with the ones you love is fleeting, and the moments with the people you love even more so.

This is when I chose to pursue photography, because with this medium, I could capture unforgettable moments while creating tangible memories of those who mean the world to us. I’ve never looked back.

Espresso martinis

Exciting cuisines (especially Spanish & Italian food)

My dearest friendships from all over the world

Epic sci-fi films & reality TV

Exploring the beauty of cold countries

Hot springs, hot tubs and saunas

Experiencing Life Through…

Road tripping around the Pacific Northwest (I’ve just booked my flights!)

See the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland surrounded by reindeer

Witness the majesty of humpback whales in Iceland

Hop around the Hawaiian Islands

Go on a cruise around Antarctica

Travel to Alaska

ready to experience ...

Catching these fleeting moments

Stealing Scenes, Not Horses

There is a Polish saying about people, “móc z kimś konie kraść” which when translated to English means “someone you can steal horses with.” It’s a lot like that partner-in-crime sentiment you hear tossed around — someone who is seriously fun, trustworthy and willing to try offbeat ideas without hesitation.

Prepare yourself. We won’t be stealing animals, but we’ll definitely be setting the scene with out-of-the-box elopements.

Edinburgh Photographer

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