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It is such an honour to see one of my photographs featured on LOOKSLIKEFILM website. I am feeling super happy! And the Choo Choo badge is so cool.

LOOKSLIKEFILM is an awesome community of 40000+ extremely talented photographers around the world which inspires me every day. The community encourages talent, hard work and empathy, supports women and promotes body positive image. It allows members to share very intimate and personal photographs and stories which is both inspiring and reassuring.


Edinburgh photographer featured on LOOKSLIKEFILM

Edinburgh photographer features on lookslikefilm

This picture gained a special meaning in my life in a very short time and THIS is without a doubt the most important session I have done in my life so far.

My grandpa died 2 weeks ago, unexpectedly. I was so lucky to have had the chance to photograph him and grandma together 6 weeks ago at the place he loved most – his garden outside the town. The love that they had was something amazing and despite the differences between them they stayed together through thick and thin, for 53 years of marriage. Started a family, raised children and grandchildren. Created so many memories together.

They made me realise that true lovers and best friends will stick together through thick and thin.


Edinburgh photographer featured on lookslikefilm


I need to send a big ‘thank you’ to the LLF community for all the kind words and support during difficult moments.

Click on the badge if you want to see my image featured on LOOKSLIKEFILM website.


The cinematic look – Edinburgh photographer

Do you want your wedding or engagement photos to look like film?

If you’re looking for a photographer with a film-look photography style I will be happy to capture your memories with you. And take a look at the Leeds wedding I photographer this summer.

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