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Alice took Leo from the animal shelter a few months ago – and changed his name from Balton to Leo, in honour of Leonardo da Vinci and Renaissance which inspired her a lot as she is a talented tattoo artist.

Initially, the rescue dog was disoriented but despite the blindness and old age he quickly began to settle in. Daily trips down from and up to the third floor are not a problem for Leo anymore. Neither is the loud city centre. Leo is very inteligent and quickly learned how to communicate with people and does his best to adapt to the rules in their team of two. What’s more, Leo has enriched Alice’s life and made her feel safer.


In-home lifestyle session – Edinburgh lifestyle sessions

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In-home lifestyle session – lifestyle photography

Not only rescue dogs have an enormous potential but also are incredibly loyal.

Also, people who dedicate their time to rescuing and taking care of abandoned dogs are definitely the best kind of people. Undoubtedly, Leo was lucky to have found a great home, especially as older dogs are in most cases less likely to be adopted. Unfortunately, most potential owners tend to overlook dogs over the age of five.

We encourage you to adopt older dogs as they have enormous potential, are full of love and commitment and most of all peace and wisdom. Although they are often a bit stubborn and require more attention in their new homes at the very beginning, it always pays off. Most of all, you are likely to get a friend for life if you invest your effort into building a special bond with your pet.

To sum up, I believe that adopting an older dog warms your heart the way nothing else can.


And it was such a great pleasure to photograph this team of two during our lifestyle session at Alice’s place and capture their priceless memories.


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