Questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before the wedding

      Once you’ve found your dream wedding photographer and your wedding day is approaching it’s time to tie up loose ends.


      Questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before the wedding | Scotland wedding photographer


      So let’s look into a few things you might be interested in if you’ve secured a photographer in Scotland but haven’t decided on the remaining key things. I’m often contacted by clients who want to book a photographer first and then look into an elopement location or a venue.

      So if you’re still in the preparation phase this article is for you, especially if you want to have your epic wedding photographed beautifully. Let’s look into things and recommendations you might want to ask your wedding photographer for.



      What are the best elopement locations in Edinburgh?

      If you’re looking for a perfect elopement location in Scotland you will be spoiled for choice. 

      My favourite spot for an outdoor elopement in Edinburgh is the Holyrood Park area and Arthur’s Seat. It’s a gorgeous and popular spot, often chosen by couples wanting to get married in beautiful Scottish scenery.


      Best location for an elopement wedding in Scotland
      Arthur’s Seat is a perfect Edinburgh elopement location


      When it comes to indoor Edinburgh venues my number one is Timberyard. It guarantees the option to get married in a lovely little backyard, but in case of crazy weather you will quickly find shelter inside. The interior is decorated with minimalistic elegance. What is more, there is so much natural light inside it makes it easy for your wedding photographer to capture the day beautifully. 



      What about Scottish venues being able to host big parties with ceilidh and a big number of wedding guests?

      Harvest Moon weddings in Dunbar is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and atmospheric wedding venues in Scotland. The opportunities in terms of wedding options are endless. The venue is situated very close to the picturesque Seacliff Beach giving the couple an option for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Scotland.

      Harvest Moon also organise woodland ceremonies in the adjacent forest. It guarantees a great shelter from the rain even for a big group of wedding guests! You really want to go for an outdoor wedding but want to have a plan B in case of unpredictable weather? This unique wedding venue should be your number one choice. Your wedding reception can be hosted in a big marquee on site. So you will surely spend dinner, party and ceilidh time fully sheltered from the rain!


      Best location for an elopement wedding in Scotland
      Harvest Moon weddings in Dunbar is one of the most beautiful Scottish wedding venues


      Best location for an elopement wedding in Scotland
      Harvest Moon weddings in Dunbar, Scotland


      What else do I love about this Scotland wedding venue? Fairy-tale little treehouses influence magical Scottish vibe. Bonfires. Option for a romantic walk on the beach. To summarise, absolutely gorgeous surroundings.

      Your wedding in Scotland will be a dream to photograph if you choose Harvest Moon!


      What about wedding venues and elopement locations outside of the Scottish capital?

      My favourite outdoor locations for an elopement in Scotland are without a doubt the Scottish highlands, Isle of Skye and the Scottish east coast.

      Scottish highlands are around a 3-hour drive from Edinburgh. There are many incredible elopement spots there, including Glencoe and Glen Etive. Both places are equally gorgeous.

      Glen Etive tends to be less popular and quieter though so it’s an excellent choice. Did you know that both Harry Potter and James Bond movies were filmed in Glen Etive?


      Scottish Highlands elopement wedding in Glen Etive
      Scottish highlands elopement in Glen Etive

      Should we get a second photographer for our wedding?

      If you’re planning a big wedding with over 80 guests – definitely yes.

      Or if you’re planning a big number of group shots taken at your wedding. In this case your main wedding photographer will be focused on photographing natural, candid moments. And the second shooter will dedicate time to take some amazing group shots for the family albums. Plus, every single one of your wedding guests will appear in at least two photos.

      What else? It might be a great idea to have photos captured from two different perspectives. Even if it’s a tiny and intimate elopement.

      What’s important to remember is that you should always discuss this option with your wedding photographer. So I wouldn’t advise you to book one on your own. Wedding photographers usually have a group of trusted second shooters they usually work with. It ensures that both the photography style of two photographers and their way of working are aligned. It’s always important for the second shooter to be adequately experiences as well.


      Sparklers or confetti exit?

      Both sparklers and confetti exits are a popular choice for wedding exits in Scotland.

      Confetti, provided that it’s eco-friendly, is also affordable and looks beautiful in photographs. Additionally, it’s easy to use – even for children. And it’s safe to use anywhere.

      What about sparklers exits? They look absolutely magical. Although they are not permitted at every wedding venue. So make sure that you coordinate it with your wedding planner and ask a venue for permission in advance. Sparklers are unfortunately very difficult or impossible to use in windy or rainy weather conditions.

      And, if not careful, someone can end up with a hole in their wedding attire.


      Edinburgh wedding confetti exit - Scottish wedding photographer
      Confetti exit at Claire and Vikas’s wedding in Edinburgh, Greyfriar’s Kirk