Tattoo artist portrait photoshoot

      Don’t let the sunshine fool you. It was freezing! Although the first few photographs seem to have been taken during spring or summer, it was still winter (unfortunately) and minus one degree. The snow is still on the ground and we can’t wait for spring. Of course Alice is a brave badass so she didn’t care.

      The photographs further down will prove it.

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      The story – tattoo artist photoshoot

      Alice is a tattoo artist based in Poland.

      She is gifted and has always been very artistic. She draws, paints, she studied Landscape architecture at the Uni so she is a person with both catholic interests and knowledge. I have two of her paintings myself and I really love them. At this point Alice still develops her skills and strives to be better and better every day as an artist.

      I believe that the decision of becoming someone as an adult should be based on vocation once we find it, so it’s really great to know that one of your best friends found something she really loves and managed to combine passion with professionalism. The results in those cases cannot be not great.

      She started her journey as a tattoo artist when she was 25 so 4 years ago and the clients cannot be more happy with her work. It wasn’t always easy – most things in life which are really worth a lot don’t come for free or without much trouble. But it’s important to remember about the vision we have for ourselves and not to let go.

      Alice has 8 tattoos herself and my favourite one is the one on her arm which was inspired by a painting of Zdzislaw Beksinski who was a painter, photographer and sculptor, specializing in the field of dystopian surrealism. Doomsday scenarios was a very common subject of his work.

      Portrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, EdinburghPortrait photoshoot, Edinburgh



      Alice’s website: Facebook page

      Studio: Silent Ink Studio

      See more photo stories on the blog.


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      Yikes! That’s awesome you guys stuck it out in the cold. You all got great results! I can feel her ferocity and drive in these portraits. Well done!

      Beautiful work! Every photo looks so natural! I would have never guessed it was that cold based on looking at those initial photos!

      Love how you captured her work as well as her personality. Winter sessions can be fun and refreshing

      Gonzalo Verdeja

      Beautiful work and beautiful model. Should be difficult to work with such an extreme conditions

      Gonzalo Verdeja

      Beautiful photos!!! Keep up the good work!!

      Wow! For it being as cold as it was she sure mastered that session, she doesn’t look cold at all. These are beautiful, I love the tattoos they really set the image. I also love the deep colors they set the tone perfectly.

      What a beautiful story. Gorgeous images.

      Wow, this tattoo on her upper arm is amazing! Stunning photos of such a beautiful woman!