Birthday photoshoot on the Scottish coast

This gorgeous blondie whose photographs you are about to see below is my little sister Marta who just turned 18 last month. And I still can’t believe it!

Portrait photoshoot in St Abbs in Scotland

The squishy chubby little thing with blonde curls who used to run around the flat with a stick shouting Wingardium Leviosa is now officially an adult. She can now officially order a gin and tonic at the bar. How is that possible? It’s crazy how fast the time flies.

We celebrated her birthday with food, drinks… then more food and drinks. And a day trip to Saint Abbs which became one of my favourite places in Scotland. Right after I visited it for the first time.

Celebrate your birthday with a photo session in Scotland

Our photoshoot lasted until the Scottish weather turned completely crazy. Suddenly the wind was insane and when it started raining heavily. So we decided to wrap Marta around in sweaters, blankets and a coat and started heading towards the car to get a shelter.

As a Scotland photographer I think it’s an amazing idea to celebrate your birthday with a photoshoot. And whether it’s someone’s first, 18th or 40th birthday, it can’t be a bad idea. After all these are the life’s milestones. That is why it will be awesome to look back on these moments and preserve our memories this way. Especially if Scotland is not the place where you live but a travel destination, then photographs become not only an amazing memory. They are also a great travel souvenir! And surely keep you from spending money on useless fridge magnets and hundredth coffee mug. Instead, you are able to hang a beautiful, high-resolution photo on your wall. And also  remember how cool it was to spend and celebrate your birthday in atmospheric and wonderful Scotland.

Scotland wedding photographerSt Abbs photoshoot - Scotland wedding photographerSt Abbs photoshoot - Scotland wedding photographerSt Abbs photoshoot - Scotland wedding photographerSt Abbs photo shoot - wedding photographer ScotlandSt Abbs photo shoot - wedding photographer ScotlandSt Abbs photo shoot - wedding photographer ScotlandSt Abbs photo shoot - wedding photographer Scotland

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst before your photoshoot

As a Scotland photographer I’ll be happy to provide you with recommendations regarding locations, outfits and all other things related to your Scottish photo session.

But there are also a few important things to always remember and never forget about when preparing for your photographic Scottish adventure.

Things to remember about before your photo adventure

  1. Weather in Scotland is unpredictable and the forecasts are not always reliable. Especially if your photoshoot in Scotland is somewhere in a quite remote location it’s always better to be prepared for the worst. Pack warm clothes, thick socks, waterproof jackets and umbrellas. Wind and rain add some very artistic and atmospheric touch to the images but no photographer wants you to end up with pneumonia! During my photoshoot with Marta she was wearing thermal leggins under her maxi dress, plus two pairs of socks. And my friends Zoe and Jason were just a few steps further from us, holding the layers of clothes Marta would put on every couple of minutes not to freeze!
  1. It’s always worth it to get a car and go outside of the city. Edinburgh is wonderful and I love photographing my clients there. But every now and then, especially if you’re feeling adventurous, it’s great to have the opportunity to explore some more remote areas. So the Scottish highlands, the east coast or one of the Scottish Isles are great to see and photograph!
  1. It’s good to have some flexibility. It’s mostly related to the weather conditions as well – sometimes the weather could seem amazing whereas in reality it turns out to be a nightmare. Such as harsh light – who doesn’t love a gorgeous sunny day with zero clouds in the sky? Everyone does, apart from the Scotland photographers. Harsh light is not very flattering and unless you are able to schedule your photo session 2 hours before the sunset time! You might not be very happy with the images you receive in that case. This is because of the fact that you can capture the Scottish mood in the most accurate way by capturing its moody and atmospheric version. Not that the sunny one is not beautiful. The soft light of a cloudy day is what us photographers prefer though. And I always count on that kind of light when leaving my flat to meet my clients and shoot outside!
  1. Have fun and remember that even if things don’t go to plan. You got this!

You are always spoiled for choice when choosing a perfect location for your Scottish photo shoot. Whether you’d prefer to stay within the borders of dark and moody but also very green Edinburgh, chase sheep on the Scottish coast or run through the long grass in the Scottish highlands… nothing’s off limits. Choose the location that you like the most. And if you’re unsure which one would be best then ask your Scottish photographer for advice. No one knows perfect spots better than photographers.

To sum up, book your birthday photo session in Scotland now!

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to check my availability for a certain date. The sooner the better!

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