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Your planning your dream day – of course you have questions.
I have gather the most frequently asked questions below. It’s where you’ll find more guidance on the booking process, advice about the length of photography coverage you’ll need, different ceremony locations and more.

Of course I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have during an online consultation as well, but when sending your enquiry please include as much information about your plans as possible so I can make sure that nothing is forgotten about!
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  • Our needs don’t quite fit into your listed packages, can we customise one?

    Of course! I’m committed to capturing your full experience, so if the occasion calls for a custom package, we can make it happen.

  • What if it rains on our wedding day?

    We get out there, get wet and have a crazy amount of fun!

    Embracing the elements and unpredictable weather is what will make your adventure even more memorable, truly.

    Also, there are around 130 rainy days per year in Edinburgh and 250 in the Scottish highlands so there’s more of a chance of a rainy day than dry! As much as I won’t be pushing you into the downpour (we can wait it out in the car or a cosy cafe or pub), trust me when I say that dramatic photos make for incredible results.

    ]And if you’re still hesitant, check out photos from Chris and Radka’s elopement in Glencoe – it was the rainiest one I’ve ever photographed, and definitely one of the most epic ones!

  • We’ve found a location in Scotland which we love, but you haven’t mentioned it anywhere. How do we know which package it will fall under?

    For all of my packages, a good rule of thumb to follow is to categorise the locations by their distance from Edinburgh.

    If your dream location is within Edinburgh’s surrounding area, it’s safe to assume you’ll fall under the Lowlander Package. Most locations within a three hour drive away from Edinburgh, in any direction including (but not limited to) locations like Glencoe, Loch Ness, St. Andrews and the Cairngorms National Park, will all be included within the Highlander package.

    The final package, the Outlander, covers locations up to a 6 hour drive from the capital city, such as Isle of Skye and the Torridon Hills.

    But if you still aren’t sure, we can confirm during our consultation call.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes, I do have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

  • We’re not sure how many hours of photography coverage we’ll need on the day. What’s your advice?

    First of all, I always advise to consider longer coverage for weddings in the highlands compared to Edinburgh. The reason behind it is more time spent on travelling between different locations for photos.

    So whereas in Edinburgh you can often simply walk from place A to B (a good example is Old Town where you can basically reach most places without ordering a taxi at all), in the highlands the drive between two picturesque places could be 15 minutes to even one hour. Which is why that’s an important factor to consider.

    For instance my most popular Edinburgh package (the Lowlander) is the 5-hour one, which is perfect for couples seeking some getting ready / first look and ceremony coverage and afterwards photos in a few locations around town. If you feel like you don’t necessarily need pre-ceremony and reveal moments photographed, then my smallest 4-hour package might be just perfect for you, as long as you don’t have a lengthy list of must-have locations in mind.

    When booking a highland elopement package the other hand (the Highlander or Outlander) I suggest that you consider the 6-hour one as an absolute minimum to make sure that the time spent in the car doesn’t eat into your photography time as much.

    Building a story using photography is all about capturing as many elements and wholesome moments as possible, so longer coverage equals more photos and more memories to look back on for years to come.

    If you’re still unsure though, let’s chat and I’ll make sure to advise you on the best package for you!

  • We’re so excited to see the photos, when can we expect them?

    Trust me, I can’t either!

    That’s why you can expect a sneak peek in your inbox a few days after your wedding.

    Your full wedding gallery will be ready for you in 5 – 10 weeks, right about when you’ve returned from your honeymoon!

  • How many images will we receive in our final gallery?

    I don’t specify the exact number of photos in each package because I believe in delivering a comprehensive gallery that captures the essence of your day without adding unnecessary, repetitive images.

    My focus is quality over quantity, ensuring that every image contributes to telling the story of your day. While I don’t define the number of photos, as an estimate, clients typically receive around 40 images per hour of coverage. And what I can promise you is my commitment to delivering a meaningful and well-curated collection.

  • We want our elopement to be just the two of us, can you act as our witness?

    Yes! I absolutely understand wanting to celebrate this moment alone as a couple so you can fully soak in the beauty of it all. I’d be more than happy to step in as a witness for your ceremony.

  • We booked you a while back, now our elopement day is just a few weeks away. Do we need to get in touch?

    Please feel free to drop me a message, but even if you don’t you’ll be hearing from me between 2 – 3 weeks before the big day.

    You can expect a questionnaire with some questions about your detailed plans, timeline, ceremony etc. Once that’s completed, I’ll drop you a message with a link to book a catch-up video call so we can talk and make sure we have all the details figured out before the wedding.

  • What is your minimum hourly coverage for elopements?

    For all elopement packages the minimum amount of coverage is 4 hours.

    As your elopement photographer, I want to document your story from start to finish to honour the love that brought you to this point. The included coverage hours for each package are mindfully chosen in order to best encompass your vision.

    On occasion, for last minute bookings and depending on availability and my travel schedule, I’m able to offer shorter coverage.

  • Do you have back up gear?

    Absolutely, at elopements and weddings I always shoot using two full-frame mirrorless cameras, and at those in the highlands I carry two additional cameras as a back-up.

    You’ll often find me carrying a Polaroid camera as well – and sometimes a film camera too, if you’ve decided to add a roll of 35mm film to your package!

  • We’re getting married in Edinburgh City Chambers but only need coverage of the ceremony and a few photos afterwards, not more than 2 hours. Can we book you?

    My packages start at 4-hour coverage but as long as I’m available that day and your date is just 2-6 weeks away, I’d love to provide you with a tailored quote and chat more!

  • We’ve never been to Scotland before, can we ask you for some travel and planning advice?

    I would be disappointed if you didn’t! This is my specialty.

    I’ve lived in Edinburgh for years now and I frequently escape to the highlands.

    So, lucky for you, I’ve got all the best local recommendations for vendors, restaurants, pub, lodgings, you name it!

  • Where are you based out of?

    I’ve put my roots down here in beautiful Edinburgh. This city is full of inspiration and I hope we can meet here so I can show you my favourite parts. I moved here 5 years ago, and am originally from the Lake District of Poland.

  • We love Edinburgh but also the highlands and find it difficult to choose the elopement location. Do you offer two-day packages?

    Absolutely! Many of my clients face the same dilemma.

    Elopement in Edinburgh and then a photoshoot in Glencoe in your wedding attire? No problem!

    Or the other way round, tying the knot in the highlands and then putting your wedding outfits again for a session in Edinburgh? Let’s do it!

  • What’s the best way to contact you?

    As much as I love a good handwritten and owl-delivered letter, email will do just fine! Unless I’m chasing highland coos, you can usually expect to hear back from me within 48 hours.

    The email is [email protected] for your reference!

  • We feel super awkward in front of the camera. Can you guide us?

    Not to worry. Whether you’ve never had your photos taken by a professional before, or simply aren’t that into being photographed, I’ve got you.

    With a bit of guidance and a touch of posing if needed, I’ll document your story in an honest and candid way, whilst embracing all the elements of the surrounding scenery.

    Ultimately, it’s hard not to feel in the moment with stunning Scottish landscapes around you, and I’m here to offer warm guidance (no awkward posing or fake smiling – I promise!).

  • We’re ready to book you! How do we do it?

    So exciting!

    Firstly, get in touch with me and share details about your plans – or just how you envision your dream day or adventure in Scotland. You can have a location picked out, or none at all yet! Then, we’ll chat to help you figure that out, and talk about the photographic experience I create.

    If we have already worked out the details over a Zoom call though, and you’re ready to get the ball rolling to secure your date, I’ll just need some information from you for the contract – which I’ll then send for your review together with the retainer invoice.

    Once that’s settled and contract is signed, we’ll be officially booked!


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