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A Scotland elopement photographer based in Edinburgh (but a Highlander at heart), I’m Natalia. I’m here to share a diverse range of advice and ideas while creating awe-inspiring imagery through the lens of Scotland’s cinematic romance.

With me, we won’t run from the rain, we’ll run straight into it (or into a nearby cafe for some classic, cosy photos). You could say I believe in embracing the iconic, ever-changing mood of Scotland that brings couples like you here in the first place. After all, I’ve documented over 50 elopements in the splendour of the Scottish Highlands.

Whether you’re jumping into puddles or snuggling up together underneath the misty sky, I’ll capture your connection and encourage as much fun along the way as possible.

Start-To-Finish Storytelling That Turns Elopements Into Edge-Of-Your Seat Memories

Scotland Elopement Photographer

Elope In A Landscape Where Time Stands Still

This is why you need to elope in Scotland

Imagine a place where time fades away, replaced by the hush of a landscape that is untouched by the hustle of modern life. Rolling hillsides and deep blue lochs, home to creatures real and mythical. The clean, crisp air seemingly whispers the stories of the past.

Walk hand in hand along rocky paths etched with the memory of centuries-old footprints (and now your memories too). Castles weathered and beauty untamed — harmoniously coming together to create a window into the rich and fascinating history of Scotland. This is a place where you can forge a connection to the past while celebrating a new future with the person you love most.

Have goosebumps? That’s a good sign.

Expect A Bit Of Magic, The Right Amount Of Mystery
And A Lot Of Adventure — But With Your Own Twist.

Grab your best tartan and tweed

These guides are just a slice of the information and tips I’ll personally share with you. With this knowledge, I’ve helped couples from all around the world create memories somewhere within the raw, rough and moody hills of Scotland.

Everything You Need To Plan Your Scotland Elopement

Scotland elopement guide

How to plan a perfect elopement in Scotland - comprehensive guide covering Scottish highlands

Plan your dream elopement

secret proposals

Glencoe Elopement Guide

Edinburgh elopement guide

Planning your dream elopement in Edinburgh - tips & inspiration

How to plan a perfect surprise proposal in scotland

Ceremonies in the Highlands

Hiya, I'm Natalia

Elopement Photographer in Scotland

There are two threads in my work that are always the same — the charms of Scotland and true-to-life editing that fully captures the misty, moody and just-a-tad-mysterious ways of this breathtaking country. The rest is a constantly changing adventure, thanks to the never-two-the-same stories my couples (and I!) love to create.

Here, you’ll find start-to-finish storytelling that prioritises the splendour of Scotland without compromising its rich colours. Drawn to the unique drama of the Scottish Highlands from Glencoe to the Isle of Skye, I’ll help plan your extraordinary experience by mixing local knowledge and a heartfelt appreciation for Scotland’s rugged charm. You can count on an immersive experience that will take you back (emotionally and planning repeat trips) for years to come.

Words That Warm The Heart On Those Quintessential Rainy Days

Read about recent out-of-the-ordinary moments among the mooing Highland coos and fantastically foggy glens. (Yes, the fluffy cows are as adorable as they seem).

Browse real Scotland elopement stories

Autumn Elopement With A Quaich Ceremony

Distinctly Romantic Wedding At Dalness Lodge

Gorgeous Glencoe Castle Elopement

Quiraing Elopement on Isle of Skye

Intimate and with an infusion of Scottish traditions including hand-fasting, this adventurous couple exchanged vows in the rain with an out-of-this-world backdrop.

Scenic, secluded and complete with a candlelit dinner. Also close to James Bond Skyfall filming spots, making it a must-see Glencoe wedding venue.

The essence of a strong connection and stand-out style, see the green-wedding-dress elopement that has me in awe.

This elopement is as Scottish as it gets complete with fluffy coos, moody Highland views and a tartan shawl.

Feel The Highlands Calling To You, Too?

I know, it’s hard to resist.

Let’s get to planning your Scotland elopement. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the scenery once you're here, and the photos, let’s just say you would hang up every single image if you could.

I can hear the bagpipes already!

there's more to see

Find more rugged beauty and moody captures on your social feed (and when you arrive, I’ll finally get to show you around in person!)

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