Elopement Packages in Scotland

De-Mystifying The Unknowns of Scotland Elopements While Documenting Stories That Are Never The Same

Known for bringing years of local experience and a distinctive style together to craft gripping

visual stories, I’ll be your key to unlocking the mystery of an elopement in Scotland — answering the where, what and how while pouring in the magic of this magnetic destination.

Around here, the only rule is to be unapologetically in the moment with each other. Capturing the beauty of the moment is easy with a photographer that actually listens to what you want.

Others might call your unconventional ideas silly, but I call them sensational.

Plus, you’ll get the “I’m-so-glad-we-knew-that” advice to make it happen.

I approach each elopement with a newfound curiosity. You’ll find me using my love for the offbeat and free-spirited to discover those hidden parts of your relationship that are reserved for just the two of you.

We all see it; I just capture it — like your knowing smile or the glance that only you can decipher.

It only makes sense to celebrate such a rare connection in a landscape just as unique. Honouring your love with traditions that will captivate your senses, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and charm.

Get ready for an immersive experience in an ancient land, to be documented and dreamt about for a lifetime.

Finding Offbeat Paths.

Leaving No Trace.

My philosophy for Scotland elopements


Scotland Elopement Packages

The Lowlander

Whether you prefer the near-ancient architecture of Edinburgh’s Old Town or the Victorian era charm of New Town, this one is for the couples who want a city feel.

For the city folk who prefer the frozen-in-time feel of Edinburgh’s distinct architecture.


Location & vendor recommendations

Maybe a dram of

whisky at the nearest pub?

Inclusive of the Edinburgh area

4+ hours of coverage

Online gallery of edited, high-resolution photos

Planning advice & insider tips

Activity & restaurant recommendations from apassionate foodie

The Highlander

If you’re looking for the Highlander experience without the long journey, this one reaches striking locations like Glencoe, Kilchurn Castle or Cairngorms National Park.

Perfect for breathtaking elopements that capture the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands.


Location & vendor recommendations

Lots of Highland

coo chasing

Inclusive of locations up to

3 hours outside

of Edinburgh

• 4+ hours of coverage

Consultation call

Online gallery of edited, high-resolution photos

Planning advice & insider tips

Local recommendations for an immersive Scottish experience

The Outlander

For those undaunted by distance and driven towards the cinematic scenery of places brimming with magic like the Isle of Skye or the Torridon Hills.

Ideal for a full day of adventure amongst the most striking scenery Scotland has to offer.


Location &

vendor recommendations

Plenty of


fun facts from

yours truly

Inclusive of

locations up to

6 hours outside

of Edinburgh


Isle of Skye)

6+ hours of coverage

Consultation call

Online gallery of edited, high-resolution photos

Planning advice & insider tips

Well-versed guidance on how to navigate the most mystical & remote parts of Scotland

Let's do this!

Kind Words from Bonny Couples

casual adventure

Colorfully moody

Embrace the unique

So Much More Than Haggis And Bagpipes - Elopement packages in Scotland

Look forward to a human-centred experience that embraces the unique nature of Scottish elopements, which look quite different from those in other parts of the world. We’ll document your story while including local traditions that turn your elopement into an immersive experience of Scotland.

Together, you’ll soak in this land of rugged beauty without tiring journeys. Discover your connection to Scotland’s enchanting landscape while focusing on the love you share. Think: chasing the unexpected, but without actually running.

Look back on your experience through a cinematic lens, set apart from the all-too-the-same photos of others. Your vision will be honoured with true-to-life colours that still bring the drama with dynamic editing and timeless captures.

Elopement packages in Scotland

More reasons to keep musing over a magical Scotland elopement (with me as your photographer!)





An intimate celebration of your love in the immersive beauty of Scotland. Need I say more?

Renew your vows, mark a milestone or just because, get ready for a seriously fun session with your partner.

Document that newly engaged glow in the most gorgeous city with your partner in crime.

Surprise your partner with the big question on your tour through Edinburgh. (You’ll want to remember that look on their face.)

Ideal for couples who wish for nothing more than a small gathering of loved ones & the extraordinary Scottish views.

Micro weddings with up to 40 guests

Venue & vendor recommendations

Planning advice

4 to 8 hours of coverage

Planning questionnaire

Consultation call

Online gallery of edited, high-resolution photos

All the best local tips

A seriously fun session documenting the love you share while encapsulating Scotland’s charm.

Local tips & tricks

Undreamt-of views

Forging your own path through mist-covered mountains (not just a photoshoot, mind you)

3+ hours of coverage

Online gallery of edited, high-resolution photos

Location recommendations

Better-than-you-could-have-dreamed photos of this special moment in time you won’t want to miss.

Location recommendations in Edinburgh

A care-free session, grounded in the moment

90-minute photoshoot

50 uniquely edited photographs

Online gallery of high-resolution photos

Local tips & tricks

Pop the question in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, & capture your partner’s reaction.

Planning advice & insider tips

All the best local recommendations

20 to 90-minute photoshoot

Video call to plan and coordinate the perfect surprise proposal

Online gallery of high-resolution photos

The Path Before We’re Trailside Together

How to book your Scotland elopement package






First thing to check off your list...

in the meantime, we'll make logistics feel laid back

postcards from scotland

Booking's begun

The final countdown

While I await your arrival, I’ll be here to offer up plenty of planning advice, local recommendations and travel tips via email. You can also expect a questionnaire to confirm timelines, number of guests (if any) and any other details.

After we’ve finalised the details, you can count on a contract in your inbox like you can count on a misty day in Scotland. Once you’ve reviewed it and paid the retainer fee, we’re all settled!

Send me a note through this form, with your contact details and the type of photography you’re after. Then, I’ll check to see if our dates line up and set up a quick chat to learn more about you and your plans.

Because I want to make sure everything is absolutely spot-on for your session, we’ll touch base one more time a few days before your elopement.

After your session is all said and done, keep an eye on your inbox for a sneak peek at your photos. Then I’ll get to work on the rest of the editing, after I’ve watered one or two of my many (many) plants in my home jungle — I mean office. You’ll receive your completed online gallery in about 10 weeks’ time.

Do you hear that? Scotland calls.

Travel to a breathtaking place while I create undreamt-of captures.

P.S. getting here and having a grand time will be easier than you imagined because I won’t hesitate to share the local, logistical insights that make travelling feel laid back and low-key.

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