If you are planning an engagement session in Edinburgh, a magical city in Scotland, you will find some useful tips for making your pre-wedding photoshoot one of a kind.

      As a Scotland engagement photographer, specialising in couple and engagement photo sessions, I’ll be happy to provide you with advice and recommendations. And whether it’s an outfit or location that you need recommendation on – I’m always available to help you.

      Engagement photos are one of the most beautiful memories you will keep. Whether you are just taking a short trip to Scotland or you’ve lived here your entire life – pre-wedding photoshoot is something totally worth it.

      So let’s make your Scotland engagement photoshoot an unforgettable experience!


      Edinburgh engagement session ideas – tips & FAQ | Edinburgh engagement photographer

      Having a pre-wedding / engagement shoot is an amazing idea. Especially if you’re thinking about engagement photos in Scotland!

      It’s not only an opportunity to meet your Scotland wedding photographer (as engagement sessions are usually captured by a wedding photographer of your choice as well)… but also discovering that being in front of the camera is not that scary at all. It’s actually quite the opposite, as long as you choose the right Scotland wedding photographer for you. I can’t even remember how many times I heard the following from my couples: we are awkward in front of the camera, we don’t like being photographed… 


      And then after a while, magically, they turn into this relaxed couple enjoying their time together. So when the photographer keeps pressing the shutter button they can just be themselves. You know what? You are that couple, you just don’t know it yet!
      As Edinburgh engagement photographer I pride myself in making people feel comfortable and looking amazing in front of my camera. Remember: it’s all about emotions and interactions between the two of you. Definitely not about looking awkwardly at the camera!

      Engagement session in Edinburgh Old town - Scotland engagement photographer
      Eugenia & Grigory, Edinburgh Old town engagement photos

      Why should we have an engagement session?

      Firsty, memories – it will become a great memory to look back on. Order prints and put them in an album. You can show them to your friends and family also by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Or by sharing a link to your online gallery of photos, which you will receive from your Edinburgh photographer after your engagement photos have been edited.


      Secondly, the photographs can be used as a Save-The-Dates, sent to the wedding guests side by side with your invite. Isn’t it an awesome way to announce your wedding date to your family and friends?


      Also, engagement session is just about the two of you. No one else. Your wedding day is also about you of course, but then you are surrounded by different distractions. Pre-wedding photoshoot is much more intimate and relaxed as you don’t have to worry about guests having a great time, drinks being served or posing to group shots with each member of the family.


      Another very important reason is that an engagement photoshoot is an opportunity to build a connection with your Scotland wedding photographer and get to know them. It gives you an idea about what to expect on your wedding day. And it’s also a chance to discuss your wedding day in Scotland and your ideas further.
      What is more, a lot of couples decide to showcase their Scotland engagement photos at their wedding. I truly believe it’s a great idea. Guests arriving at your wedding can have a drink when waiting for the wedding ceremony to commence whilst also admiring your romantic engagement photographs.

      Scotland engagement photographer - engagement photos Edinburgh
      Sarah & Ian, Stockbridge engagement photos in Edinburgh

      Where should we have our engagement session in Edinburgh? What are the best locations? What if we are considering a different location in Scotland?

      It can be a place where you went on your first date. Or a place you both love and visit frequently – a library, a pub, even your own home. A park you walk the dog in every morning or your favourite café. Check out the list of the best locations for an engagement photoshoot in Edinburgh below.


      But – engagement session can also be a fantastic opportunity to explore the city you live in. Edinburgh is full of magical locations – why don’t we explore the unknown?


      Feel free to check out my top Edinburgh photoshoot locations guide to find a place you like the most.


      Also, if it’s your first time visiting Edinburgh and you’ve decided to have your engagement photos taken here, and you don’t really know any of the locations – that’s not an issue at all. I will be happy to assist you with building the plan and schedule of your engagement shoot and also be your Edinburgh city tour guide at the same time! So I’d happily take on this task as your Scotland engagement photographer.


      Engagement photos Edinburgh - Arthur's Seat
      Virginia & Jakob, sunset engagement photos at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh


      When shall we have our engagementg photoshoot in Scotland?

      Most couples book their engagement session right after they book their wedding photographer, usually 8-12 months before their wedding day.


      Although some couples prefer to have their engagement photoshoot one or two months before that date. It’s entirely up to you and your wedding or engagement photographer’s  availability.


      If you are not from here please bear in mind that Scotland is a very popular destination between spring and late autumn. So normally the sooner you book your Scotland engagement photographer the better. Otherwise they might not have availability on the dates that you might be interested in.

      What should we wear for our engagement photos in Scotland?

       The most important thing is to express your personal style and not to wear anything uncomfortable just because it looks good. Not worth it! We will concentrate on capturing sweet moments between you and your fiancé so wear something nice, but comfy.

      My top tips: go barefoot for beach engagement session. Don’t wear high heels if you hate them. Don’t wear dresses if you don’t like them. Don’t be scared to wear a beanie or gloves in the winter. Scotland can be super cold and windy then!


      I’d also advise you against clothes with patterns or logos on them. Romantic and moody landscapes of Scotland don’t go very well with these. Plus, they often also distract the viewer from most important part of the photo – the couple.


      Additionally, when you’re booking an engagement shoot and are unsure about what to wear, I’ll be happy to give you some outfit-related advice depending on the place we have planned our shoot in. Generally, I like seeing people in neutral colours – especially when surrounded by nature.


      Earthy colours also go amazing with the atmosphere of Edinburgh and Scotland – my favourite clothes colours include mustard, brown, orange, grey, beige, but also red and green. Although – green is not a good idea if our backdrop is nature/plants, as it blends in the background.


      I love to create a colour pop effect in my photographs so if we’re going to shoot at the Botanics or Holyrood Park, yellow, mustard or orange will be the most wonderful colours choices. What about colours I would avoid? Intense blue, pink, purple and both partners wearing black. I always recommend a bit of a variety and slightly more neutral colour choices.


      What else? Maxi dresses look super romantic in photos taken in Scotland. And this look is not just for the Outlander fans, I promise! A very classy look for a guy is chinos and a smart shirt. When it comes to colder times of the year, longer coats look incredibly elegant. Beige, grey, black ones create a very classy look especially when surrounded by Scottish landscapes. Cosy sweaters are also a great idea for an autumn or winter engagement session in Scotland.

      Dean Village engagement photography, Scotland
      Daisy & Haryo, engagement photoshoot in Dean Village, Edinburgh


       Why not consider having professional hair and make-up done for your engagement photoshoot in Scotland?

      If you are unsure about what to do with your hair or what kind of make-up would suit your outfit you should definitely consider this step.


      A professional stylist / hairdresser / MUA will help you look incredible and will give you some useful tips, without a doubt.

      Make and adventure out of it.

      Go to a delicious weekend brunch or start your day with a big cup of coffee at your favorite café and invite your photographer to meet you there.


      The better you know your photographer and the more comfortable you feel around them, the better the photographs will be. Get in the car and head outside the city, go for a long walk before the start of your session.


      Or simply go somewhere neither of you have ever been to – what if you discover a new, magical or a hidden place somewhere in Scotland?

      Secret proposal and engagement photos in Scotland
      Raj & Rajni, secret proposal and engagement photos in Stockbridge, Edinburgh


      Chase the light.

      If possible, try to schedule your engagement session two hours before the sunset or shortly before the sunrise (but only if you’re an early bird in this case!).


      The golden hour is my favourite time of the day – it’s a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which light is beautiful, warm and soft. This time of the day gives you the best chance for outstanding photographs.


      So the rule is: the lower the sun is in the sky, the better everything will look in the pictures. But one thing to bear in mind is that sunsets in Scotland are unfortunately quite rare. Overcast though it something to expect on a majority of days, no matter the season of the year.


      Although the sky is often cloudy and seeing the sunset is impossible, it will give us an opportunity to create darker, moody look in the photos, which goes so well with the Scottish landscapes and atmosphere. A little bit of rain will not hurt either, as the colours become beautiful and saturated. One top tip when it comes to Scotland – it doesn’t hurt to carry an umbrella just in case, as the weather forecast is usually a bit unreliable and you can expect a wee bit of rain almost every day!

      And transparent umbrellas are the best. They look best in photos and won’t entirely cover your cute faces!


      Glencoe engagement photographer - engagement photos in the Scottish highlands
      Michal & Magda, engagement photos in the Scottish highlands – Glencoe


       What if we want to have our pre-wedding photography session outside Edinburgh?

      Then get in the car and let’s go! There are so many incredible placed to explore in Scotland. And it’s an amazing idea to have your engagement session done somewhere far away from the city.


      We are spoilt for choice. Engagement photoshoot in the Scottish highlands? Or maybe a photoshoot in Isle of Skye? Having your photographs taken on the gorgeous cliffs of Saint Abbs? What about some engagement photos near the picturesque Loch Lomond? Or beautiful area of Cairngorms National Park? Pre-wedding photos by one of the magical Scottish lochs in the north?


      And if you don’t want to leave Edinburgh for the whole day, there are so many pretty places nearby! One of my absolute favourite is Seacliff Beach in North Berwick. It’s my favourite beach in the area.

      As you can see, we have so many choices.


      Please get in touch if you need some advice with choosing the best location for our photography adventure!

      St Abbs Scotland engagement photographer
      Dan & Jess, sunset engagement photos in the Scottish Borders, St Abbs cliffs


      Any other engagement session tips for photos in Scotland?

      Just relax & have fun!
      With my no-stress approach and as your Edinburgh engagement photographer I’ll make sure it’s all about that.

      Best engagement session locations in Edinburgh


      • Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat
      • Stockbridge
      • Edinburgh Old Town: Victoria Street, the Vennel, Royal Mile
      • Princes Street Gardens
      • Royal Botanic Gardens (glasshouses admission fees apply)
      • New Town
      • Calton Hill
      • Dean Village
      • Edinburgh Castle (admission fees apply) unfortunately quite crowded in every season of the year. Whereas there are no photography restrictions on short engagement photoshoots, please note that the wedding photography and weddings are not permitted from June to September. If you’d like to know more about weddings in Edinburgh Castle visit Edinburgh Castle website for more info.
      • The Meadows
      • Pentland Hills
      • Edinburgh Zoo (admission fees apply)




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