Edinburgh is a perfect place for your secret proposal. It’s a beautiful and romantic city which offers a great number of perfect proposal locations. I bet you and your significant other will fall in love with Scotland, its unique charm and how much magic it offers. The views at every corner are absolutely breath-taking!

      What’s most important is to make this experience a perfect memory for your other half. So let’s find out how to surprise the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.


      Arthur's Seat secret proposal photography in Edinburgh
      Jakob proposing to Virginia on Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh


      The guide to secret proposals in Edinburgh – Edinburgh secret proposal photographer

      First step – decide on the type of the secret proposal photoshoot.

      Would you prefer the photographer to be hidden in the bushes so the moment is as intimate as possible? Ok, just kidding, no hiding in the bushes, that would look at least a bit weird. My approach is pretending to be a tourist with a good camera who’s hanging around the place trying to get the best photo. As I would always ask you to send me a photograph of the two of you so I can recognize you when you arrive to the location of choice, I simply start to photograph you right after you arrive. This way it always much easier to keep is a secret.

      Another way of arranging a secret photoshoot in Edinburgh is to approach the photographer with a phone and ask them to take a photo of the two of you as if I they were a random tourist. Then – instead of using your phone, the photographer gets their camera out and start photographing you this way. It’s great because this option also gives us an opportunity to pose you in the perfect way from the very beginning.

      The last option would be arranging the photoshoot as a simple couple session without mentioning you’re going to propose to your other half and still making it a big surprise.

      To sum up – go for the option that feels most comfortable and suitable for you.


      Secret proposal in Scotland - Scotland photographer
      Dan & Jess -secret proposal on the Scottish east coast


      Work out the details of your proposal – and be prepared

      Once you have decided how the proposal is going to look like, you need to agree on the details. Place and time are of course the most important. Location information needs to be very specific and it would be best if the exact spot can be agreed so your photographer can find the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

      It’s always good idea to exchange phone numbers with the photographer so in case of any delays or unexpected change of weather so you can coordinate plan B as well.


      Decide on the clothing – what are you going to wear?

      Tell your other half that you’re taking them to dinner to a nice restaurant – good excuse to explain why fancy clothes are a good idea on the day!

      My advice is to go for neutral colours, these look the best in the Scottish scenery. Avoid very colourful outfits.

      Also I wouldn’t normally recommend pink, purple, bright blue (as they don’t go well with the dramatic beauty of Scotland) or green (because there is always a risk that you will blend into the landscapes). My favourite colour choices in terms of clothing are yellow/mustard, brown, grey, beige, red/claret, black and white. They look absolutely outstanding and contribute to a colour pop effect in the photographs.

      What happens in the event of light rain? Or if you’ve chosen a location such as Arthur’s Seat for your secret proposal?  In those cases you need to think of the most appropriate choice in terms of shoes – you don’t want to hike in sandals or have your feet covered in mud during the engagement shoot!


      Jordan & Jess - surprise proposal on top of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
      Jordan & Jess – surprise proposal on top of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh


      The proposal moment – take your time!

      It’s quite difficult for every single detail to work perfectly, but it will be so much easier to make your secret engagement plans work if you think of everything in advance.
      Remember not to rush it once you get down on your knee – it would be easier for the photographer to find a perfect angle for the photographs they are taking and they’ll be able to get a perfect shot of your proposal.

      Another important thing to think about is that you should only be holding a ring or a ring box in your hands during the proposal and your loved one’s hands should be free. So ideally no phones, handbags or backpacks should be in the shot if you want the photos to be perfect. Take your time and arrange everything slowly.

      Therefore my favourite option for a secret engagement is a photographer pretending to be a tourist whilst you hand them your phone to take a photo of you. It gives them an opportunity to give you specific directions before the big moment happens! I guarantee that the photos will look so much better if it focuses on yourself, your partner and the ring and there are no unnecessary objects that surround you.




      Sierra & John - proposal in Edinburgh Old Town
      Sierra & John – proposal in Edinburgh Old Town


      Celebrate your engagement!

      Photographers understand that proposal is a very intimate thing and we totally understand if you need a few minutes to yourselves after your significant other says yes, don’t be afraid to ask can we have a moment for ourselves?

      Please get in touch if you need advice though, I’m always happy to help you arrange the most perfect proposal experience for both of you. I have photographed secret proposals in Stockbridge, Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens and lots of other locations in Edinburgh and every single one of them was extraordinary.

      After the photoshoot it’s always a great idea to plan something nice to celebrate. Maybe a romantic dinner in one of Edinburgh’s best restaurants? I’m always happy to provide restaurant recommendations if you need advice!



      Secret proposal at Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens - Edinburgh wedding photographer
      Secret proposal at Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh


      Proposal in the Scottish highlands?

      Edinburgh is truly wonderful. But you might be considering more remote and just as scenic location as the Scottish capital…

      What about Scottish highlands?

      There is no more scenic and romantic place for a surprise proposal than the highlands of Scotland.

      Whether you’re thinking of Glencoe, Cairngorms National Park or Isle of Skye… I’ll be happy to travel there to capture the big moment for you.

      Please get in touch if you need recommendations for a perfect proposal place. I love helping clients with planning the ideal will you marry me moment.

      Scotland secret proposal photographer
      Surprise proposal on the coast of St Abbs


      Best secret proposal locations in Edinburgh – Edinburgh wedding photographer

      No matter the weather, I would always advise you to go for an outdoor photoshoot – it enables us to capture the moment being surrounded by the romantic and moody Scottish scenery.

      In my opinion the best place for a secret proposal will depend on the weather, day of our photoshoot and how intimate you want it to be. If you don’t mind being surrounded by lots of people then Edinburgh city centre could be a great choice.

      But if you want to be a bit further from the crowds then I’d suggest we go for a place that gives a bit more privacy.

      Please get in touch if you’re looking for a different, secluded, intimate location to propose to your significant other! I will be super happy to provide you with lots of options and recommendations.

      So fill in my Contact form on the website and let’s start planning!


      Also, if you’d like to have a peek at more surprise proposals or engagements I photographed in different parts of Scotland go to the BLOG section.